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​    a small family run cattery located in hastings minnesota! we are dedicated to providing quality sphynx kittens from pure bloodlines. we follow breeding standards and healthy living conditions. every kitten adopted comes with tica registered papers and a health guarantee!

Services & Pricing
​​​    Pricing ranges from 1000 $ for pet adoption which requires spay/neuter agreement and verification of procdure within 6 months of purchase. Breeding rights are available at 1800 $, the only litter that differs in price is tatiannas russian litters which are 1200 $ for pet price and 2000$ for breeding rights!
​Shots and tica paperwork are included in price but spay/neuter and any shipping fee's are the customers respnsibility!  References are offered for any questions on transportation arrangements. Payment must be paid in full before or at pickup. A deposit of 200 $ is required to reserve a kitten prior to pick up and payable through paypal or money order. Payment plans are available on paypal as well. Contracts are available to download below. Call or email with any questions you may have!

​Sarah hazelip

j   ​jax is available for stud service for 500$ or pick of litter 
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​Dam's & Sire



​​​Lola is a solid black tica registered sphynx from california. She has amber eyes and is 3 years old. She is a loving mother with an affctionate personality. she is free of genetic disorders and up to date on her shots! She is currently pregnant with her 5th litter!
​Cali is a calico tica registered sphynx breed in Hastings, mn. She brown eyes and is 1 1/2 years old.She is very playful and has a nurturing personality. She is free of genetic disorders and up to date onn shots. She has not been breed yet.



​Tatiana is a russian white sphynx from moscow russia. She has blue eyes and is a 1 1/2 years old. She is very friendly and has an affectionate personality. She is free of grnetic disorders and up to date on shots. She is pregnant with her first litter currently!
​Jax is a red flame point tica registered sphynx from minnesota. He has light green eyes and is 5 years old. He's very athletic and playful and has a good temper when mating. He does not get aggressive with dams during breeding and behaves very patiently and politely if any shyness is present when interacting with females during a mating encounter. He is a proven champion stud, and has fatheres a dozen litters. he is free of gnetic disorders and nupb to date on all shots.